Our Flagship temporary staffing is specifically designed to suit the needs of the employers in the field of Telecom, Retail, Banking and the Insurance sectors. We are also into temporary staffing and contract staffing. We can recruit candidates to work for a certain time period (Fixed contract), which is renewable at the end of the period. If the client is interested in absorbing the candidate, the candidate/candidates can be taken into their payrolls at a later point of time. We can assure you of good results by way of long-term employee retention, replacement of any employee/employees as and when required and also trouble free transparent relationship between the employer and the employees. We are already having contract employees working on our payrolls for some reputed MNC’s. The different Arrangements we can have in the Temporary Staffing sphere are

Hourly Temps
Hiring temps on an hourly or project basis for short or long-term assignments allows you the flexibility to build your staff, keep projects moving forward, and assist overworked personnel without incurring payroll expenses or costly employee benefits. When you engage a temp or consultant, you choose a specialist in your area.

Interim Staff
When your organization has a long-term, specific project requiring a higher level of expertise, Spark Jobs can custom recruit interim staff that offer your organization senior-level management and executive experience in a wide variety of areas, including executive management, finance, human resources etc.

Spark Jobs Temp-to-Permanent program, often referred to as an on-the-job-interview, is the optimum way for organizations to appraise a prospective employee before deciding to hire permanently. It, also, gives the candidate ample opportunity to evaluate an organization before committing to a specific job.

Over 26% of our clients have successfully hired Spark Jobs temps as permanent employees through our Temp-to-Permanent program.

We are currently having employees working on our payrolls for many of our Clients.